Blerds on Nerds
We're a weekly podcast of pure nerd geekdom with an overdoes of black nerd bliss! We discuss the past week's highlights in technology, movies, gaming, and comics while reliving our geek roots with 'Blast from the Past' and paying homage to Black Nerds that have or are paving the road for us. Pop in some headphones, relax, and #SpreadtheNerd with us!

This summer has.been.real....busy!! But we're back fresh off our first trip (ever) to New York and New York Comic Con! We talk NYCC, Luke Cage and what is diversity and what is capitalization! Boom! #SpreadTheNerd

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Joined by Kim and Antonio of The Nerd Element we talk all things San Diego Comic Con, Star Trek: Beyond, The Killing Joke, Black Panther and more! #SpreadTheNerd

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We're back to talk all things Game of Thrones...that finale *clutches pearls*, Jesse Williams and the BET Awards, video games and more! #SpreadTheNerd

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We talk Matt's diet, Laura Bars, E3, Watch Dogs 2 Controversy, Apple's WWDC Conference and more! #SpreadTheNerd

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We're back! Sorry for the long hiatus - it's not you, it's us! With the holidays, work, blah, blah! Aaaaaanyway we're back to talk Phoenix Comic-Con, Holding the Door, X-Men: Apocalypse, Marvel's Black Panther and DC's Rebirth launch and so much more so sit back, relax and #SpreadTheNerd!

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Did you see that Black Panther...we mean Captain America movie?? We did and we have the scoop! We also talk the fate of Supergirl, Game of Thrones, Kryton Pilot and more! #SpreadTheNerd

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#BONPodcast is up! Joined by Antonio and Kim from The Nerd Element we talk Game of Thrones, Wolverine 3, the future of streaming and the Ghost in the Shell controversy. #SpreadTheNerd

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Black Panther HYPE and Walking Dead fail. We breakdown the highs and lows of the past couple weeks! #SpreadTheNerd

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We're joined by @anime23 to discuss Batman v. Superman, WonderCon 2016 and more! #SpreadTheNerd

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We talk Civil War, Batman v Superman, The Division, How To Get Away With Murder, and celebrate #BlackGirlMagic and Purdue University graduating 22 African students in Tanzania. #SpreadTheNerd

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