Blerds on Nerds
We're a weekly podcast of pure nerd geekdom with an overdoes of black nerd bliss! We discuss the past week's highlights in technology, movies, gaming, and comics while reliving our geek roots with 'Blast from the Past' and paying homage to Black Nerds that have or are paving the road for us. Pop in some headphones, relax, and #SpreadtheNerd with us!

Matt & Llana are reunited (and it feels so good) in LA and are recording the first of three episodes for this year's Comic-Con. They are joined by friend and fellow Comic-Con junkie, Natty Willy. Together they journey through the Kung-Fu Kingdom, Nerd News, Comic-Con Exclusives and all around Blerd culture. Have you rated them yet? Umm whatcha waiting for? Get on Itunes, Rate (leave something sweet), and SUBSCRIBE! Also, follow them on Twitter @BlerdNerd! They'd love you fo'eva and #SpreadtheNerd

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