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We're a weekly podcast of pure nerd geekdom with an overdoes of black nerd bliss! We discuss the past week's highlights in technology, movies, gaming, and comics while reliving our geek roots with 'Blast from the Past' and paying homage to Black Nerds that have or are paving the road for us. Pop in some headphones, relax, and #SpreadtheNerd with us!

19 episodes?? Whoa! We're back with another epic episode of Blerds on Nerds. Our DVRs are full with fall premieres and we're hear to discuss what's hit the air; Agents of Shield, Sleepy Hollow, and Fangasm! What has been your favorite premiere so far? Tweet us @BlerdNerd or tell us on Facebook! As always, be sure to #SpreadtheNerd

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Fall is here and so is a new episode of Blerds on Nerds. We discuss the possiblity of a Wonder Woman movie, Ben Affleck's official response to the criticism of playing Batman, and the Kingdom Hearts and Grand Theft Auto V vortex. Like what you hear? Be sure to subscribe and please rate on iTunes and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@BlerdNerd). #SpreadtheNerd

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You miss us? We missed you too! We're upping the ante with more blerdiness, nerdiness, geekness! We talk about the Apple presentation and our security concerns revolving around the 5s along with the ups and downs of "borrowing" video games and movies before you buy them. As always, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@BlerdNerd). #SpreadtheNerd

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Your Blerds are back with a wholesome episode of all things geek! Who watched Are You Afraid of the Dark? & Sesame Street? Matt & Llana did and they have a moment of nostalgia for their Blasts from the Past. Other highlights include Samsung's Smart Watch unveiling, the Xbox official release date, and a review of new comic releases. The Blerds of the Week are Jaleel White [Family Matters, Total Blackout] & Michael Dorn [Star Trek]. Be sure to like Blerds on Nerds on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@BlerdNerd) and #SpreadtheNerd

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Happy Labor Day! Matt and Llana are back with a fully stocked edition of Blerds on Nerds. Tech news, reveals, and rumors are dished amongst the two followed by an in-depth, slightly spoiler-ish look into Justice League's Trinity War saga! Grab some coffee, comics and follow along. Be sure to follow them on Twitter (@BlerdNerd), Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ and #SpreadtheNerd

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