Blerds on Nerds
We're a weekly podcast of pure nerd geekdom with an overdoes of black nerd bliss! We discuss the past week's highlights in technology, movies, gaming, and comics while reliving our geek roots with 'Blast from the Past' and paying homage to Black Nerds that have or are paving the road for us. Pop in some headphones, relax, and #SpreadtheNerd with us!

Episode 25 is up! We discuss the Xbox One release, our comics of the week, and conclude with our review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Walking Dead. So feed your inner geek and #SpreadtheNerd with us!

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Blerds on Nerds 24 - Greatness Awaits

We're back to geek out over our PS4s. Did they live up to the hype? Also, we talk about our favorite televisions shows of the fall; Scandal and Walking Dead. Don't miss out and #SpreadtheNerd

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Did you miss us!? We're back and we have soooo much to talk about! PS4 (and Xbox) to be released soon, our impressions on Thor 2, new music, and much...much more! Listen to this one in parts :) Blerds of the Week are W. Kamau Bell & Bill Cosby! #SpreadtheNerd

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