Blerds on Nerds
We're a weekly podcast of pure nerd geekdom with an overdoes of black nerd bliss! We discuss the past week's highlights in technology, movies, gaming, and comics while reliving our geek roots with 'Blast from the Past' and paying homage to Black Nerds that have or are paving the road for us. Pop in some headphones, relax, and #SpreadtheNerd with us!
Blerds on Nerds 36 - Valar Morghulis

Llana has finally caught up with season 3 of Game of Thrones and she...ain't happy! Join us as we disuss our thoughts for the upcoming season along with our review of The Walking Dead, why you should drop Bitten, and all other things TV. Our Blerd of the Week is Jesse Williams! #SpreadtheNerd

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Blerds on Nerds 35 - Dracarys!

Another podcast, another blerdtastic conversation. We discuss the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, X-Men & Black History Month, and geek out over Game of Thrones (Llana is LOVING it!) Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@BlerdNerd) and give us your thoughts on our Facebook! #SpreadtheNerd

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Blerds on Nerds 34 - SDCC Registration Madness

You get a badge! You get a badge! You get a badge! We discuss all things San Diego Comic-Con, the new Pre-Registration process, who got badges, and the overall pros and cons of the new process. The theme is TEAMWORK as we are joined by our friends over at The Nerd Element YouTube Channel, Shawn "FanGirl S" from The Almost Human Podcast, and Michelle Metcalf. We have an audio version and a vlog version on our YouTube channel, Blerds on Nerds, if you want to see our lovely faces! #SpreadtheNerd

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Blerds on Nerds 33 - Blerd RandomNESS

Welcome to episode 33, RandomNESS. Sometimes we just hit record and GO! We discuss Black History Month, Jesse Eisenberg, new games on the PS4, preview Serenity comic and list our picks for the Superbowl (Ummm, that was a blowout!) As always, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @BlerdNerd. Vote for us as Best Podcast at & #SpreadtheNerd

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